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Digital media, click here for deforestation

Most of us think about the flows of energy and materials associated with printing the way fish think about water. In other words; not. This is despite the fact that large organizations typically spend between 5% and 35% of every dollar spent (exclusive of labor) on paper and printing. That printing is done on paper made from the trees in the forests that seem to be on a fast track to disappearing. As a result, we are pushed, bullied and made guilty over using paper. It’s gone as far as seeing clients apologize in advance because they want to make some prints, thinking SGTH is opposed to it. And that will they get frowned upon.

But is going paperless really greener?  Read a full article about this in pdf format, by Don Carli ( here .

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With apologies for failing to mention or refer to the white paper pdf on Digital Media & Deforestation, by Don Carli

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  1. dcarli says:

    Mr. Van der Meulen:

    You appear to have found my recent article in GreenBiz thought provoking, but I am disappointed that Gigabase has neglected to make any reference to the article or to the Institute for Sustainable Communication (ISC) in your blog post.

    See: “Going Paperless: Not as Green as You May Think”

    Also See:

    If Gigabase hopes to earn the trust of the design community then it will need to respect the legal and ethical rights of creative professionals, give credit where credit is due, and appropriately support and recognize nonprofit organizations like The Institute for Sustainable Communication for the pioneering research and outreach efforts that they carry out.


    Don Carli
    Senior Research Fellow
    The Institute for Sustainable Communication

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